Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dedicated to My Delilah!!

Here's a song by "Plain White Ts"... dedicated my dear wife...
declaring my state...:)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Proud Moment for the brand India

The Formula One season has come to an end .... and next year 2008. One of the Teams in the tracks will come out with an Indian name.
It has been officially announced,
The Spyker F1 Team ( will now be called Force India in 2008.

Read more,

Yoooo Hooo!!!
Eeeee Hooo!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

LCD TV - Precious!!!

Last week, Katrina Kaif unveilled a diamond studded LCD TV...

Best way to make a lady rid of Soap operas gift her this TV.

Diamonds are said to be Woman's best friend
At least this is what has been the trend.
For this thing's sparkle and look can do wonder,
At times, it feels like it's been some sort of a blunder.

Thinking of this fact, I often chuckle,
There's something odd about this sparkle.
I would like to caution the ladies though,
It's funny how come this has been the dough,

Dog's a Man best friend...
Diamond's a Woman best friend...
To guard a man, the dog will bite and bark..
And Diamond, Will adorn the whacker's spark.

Dog's guard is owner and neighbor's pride.
Diamond is neighbors envy and owner's pride.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Woh Chali Woh Chali...

Almost 24hrs past now, and currently (8:43 PM IST) I can see her aeroplane flying over the Atlantic Ocean... And here she is crossing the seventh ocean...:)

And I still have the sinking feeling that I hit this morning after a short sleep!...

Here are some Web sites that are helping me track her flight to the United States:

Over the Web, I have also read that I can start using Google Earth to track her flight to Chicago. But this is only possible once she enters U.S Airspace...

Here's to the one of those "Sleepless in Bangalore" syndrome.:)
>>Wonder whether my productivity is going to increase, I am going to end up spending more hours in front of my dear laptop!...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My New Web Cam (Frontech)

Went to S.P Road (Bangalore) this week, and bought a new web cam...

It's a Frontech E-CAM (A Jupiter International brand).

Here's a photo of my new web cam:

The base of this cam also acts like a clip that one can use to place it over the laptop screen.
And the neck can rotate 360 degrees, which is pretty cool. I have known many web cams that cant do this 360 degrees rotation...
Best part of this cam is the night sensor. It has these four LEDs placed around the lens, and whenever it gets a bit dark, or you bring your hand closer to the lens, the LEDs glow by themselves.

At 640X480 max resolution, it sure does record a very clear picture with a decent frames per second.

Here are the specifications:

Pixel Resolution : 3,00,000 pixels
- Image sensor : CMOS
- Lens : F 2.2
- Focusing range : 30mm to infinity
- Colour : 24 piece(RGB), I420
- Resolution : 640 X 480
- Auto control : Auto-exposure, White balance, Amplification Control
- Programme adjustment : Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, White Balance, etc.
- Output format : JPEG
- Frame rate : 15-30 frames/sec
- Visual angle : 30(upper & down), 360 (left & right)
- Storage Temperature : -40o C to 80o C
- Operating Temperature : -40o C to 80o C

System Requirement:-
- Operating system : Win 98 / Win 98SE / 2000 / XP / MAC OS9.22 or higher / OS X or higher
- CPU : P 200 MHz or equivalent processor or higher
- Inner Memory : Minimum 32 MB (64MB recommended)
- Video Card with 4 MB of RAM
- Hardware space : Surplus space 100 MB
- CD-ROM Drive
- USB support

Specification courtesy,

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Should Upholding Ethics be left to an Individual's Conscience

As part of an organization, we all should uphold the business values that bind this organization into a strong being! There are miscreants though who neglect these values or simply stupid enough not to know basic ethics.
They as individuals dont mean harm to anyone, team, or a unit. But the selfish-ivory tower existence attitude they put up, make them do things that can and has caused harm to their own image, how they are perceived, and the group they belong to.

We all know of this saying, "One bad apple can ruin the whole basket!"
Thinking on these lines, we must note this corollary..."The moment the bad apple is found, the whole basket is put on the less value deck, the back burner."

Each one of us work at organizations that encourage us to follow some ethics and conduct. Almost all of us have undergone mandatory trainings that have shown us what is correct and what is not.
And, once the training is over... It is left to us, each individual, to practice and abide by these ethics. So, it now becomes more of our conscience to follow them.
The Ethics policies also mandate that in case we do see a violation of ethics and conduct, we must report it to our supervisors or a helpline that will file an investigation in to this violation.

Now then, here's where I feel comes the catch... Here's where we become "Trishanku".

If I see a violation of conduct in a team and do not report it (because reporting the violation might bring harm to someone), don't I violate the conduct myself?

So coming back to the post heading, and may rephrasing it a l'il bit,

Isn't it a risk to leave the responsibility of upholding ethics to an individual's conscience?

I leave this question open.

May be, I might get an answer myself.

Ending notes:

A Travelling Lighthouse I am,
I observe a lot of things, that one can't see normally.

Although my line of sight is a circle,
It's set on things, globally.

I shed light on various things, right and wrong, but why don't I utter a word,
All I see now, it's a long winding road ahead.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Who Am I???

Life's just kick startin...
Am Alive and Kickin...
Rock playing through my veins
Disco in the starry starry nighty plains!

Guitar in one hand,and the drums in the other...
Am the Game, Am the One man Rock Band!
Speeding on my guitar in the skies...
Watch Out, I ain't the Bird nor the Plane,I am the SUPERMAN!!!